Menu is never the same like all sea cuisine. However, every day you can choose between several dishes to satisfy every taste.
Here there is a sample of a daily menu:

First Courses

- Sea ravioli
- Vegetable and sea ravioli
- walnuts dumplings
- Tagliolini with scampi
- Paella Valenciana
- Rice to the fishermen
- Rice shrimp and zucchini
- Penne mussels and clams
- Cous Cous sea
- Lasagna with meat sauce
Main Courses

- Fish Saltimbocca
- Salmon with little tomatoes
- Isolana seabream
- Stuffed Mussels
- Seafood salad
- Salad of cuttlefish
- Octopus and potatoes
- Alici to poor
- Parmigiana eggplant 
- Big salads

Desserts, coffee and various liquors at the ens of your fine cuisine appointment to the Medicei Port.